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Professional Pool Maintenance Services in Winnipeg

 If you have a pool, keeping it in good condition can be a demanding task. You need to perform regular maintenance services such as cleaning the water, balancing the chemicals, and checking and maintaining the equipment. Side Lines Distribution is the go-to destination for top-quality pool maintenance services in Winnipeg. Our highly trained and experienced staff can provide professional and dependable maintenance services for pools and hot tubs of all shapes and sizes. We ensure that you have complete peace of mind while opting for our maintenance services.


Our maintenance plan can be tailored as per your requirements. Some of our pool maintenance service includes:

Checking water level and adding water

Testing water chemistry and adding necessary chemicals

Cleaning the liner

Brushing the walls

Backwashing the pool

Removing dirt and debris

Supplying chemicals

Cleaning and replacing filters

Inspecting and servicing equipment when required

Verifying pool pressure

Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket

Vacuuming the pool


Apart from scheduled maintenance services, our team also excels in offering expert repairs and renovation. Even if a pool is routinely maintained, repairs are inevitable. Pool liners are typically the most affected part of a swimming pool. Most liners wear down over time due to issues such as chemical imbalances and poor liner installations. In such cases, just give us a call. Our specialists will visit your place and recommend a solution to resolve your issue.

You can also get in touch with us for pool renovations. We offer services such as inground pool removal, concrete deck removal, pool wall structure repair, interior work, new equipment installation, and much more.


We have experienced and qualified technicians to fix all makes and models of hot tubs. Besides installation, we carry out services like leak detection, heating element replacement, circuit board replacement, pump repairs, and much more. We’ll also transport hot tubs if you’re moving into a new place.

Call us today to discuss your pool or hot tub requirements.

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