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Hot Tub and Spa Parts for Sale in Winnipeg

When the temperature fluctuates between -30 C in the winter to +30 in the summer, a quality hot tub or spa is all you need. If you are looking for stylish options to either remodel or fix your personal hot tub and spa, turn to Side Lines Distribution. We offer a great collection of hot tubs and spa parts in Winnipeg. Visit us today.


At Side Line Distribution, we have worked for 25 years to perfect your hot water experience. We offer spa packages from industry-leading brands, including Balboa and Gecko. We stock spa parts and accessories such as:

Filter cartridges


Pool and spa chemicals (from Capo)

And more


Our products come in a variety of sizes and colours to choose from and can be suited to your exclusive style and preference. Let the professionals at Side Lines Distribution recommend the best upgrades and accessories for your existing hot tub and spas. As one of the trusted providers in your neighbourhood, we believe that our products offer a unique hot water experience for you and your family. You can also ask us regarding replacement parts for your water beds. Call us.

Malfunctioning Pool Equipment?

We offer dependable pool and hot tub repair services.

Visit Our Shop

Stop by today to check out our selection of telescopes, pools, spas and more.

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