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Pool Installation Services in Winnipeg

A swimming pool in your backyard brings the whole family together and ensures uninterrupted enjoyment. It is an ideal way to relax after a long day. Turn to the experts at Side Lines Distribution for reliable pool installation services in Winnipeg. We can install custom indoor and outdoor pools. Call us for an estimate.


Whether you are planning to upgrade the look of your pool or trying to fix a leak, call Side Lines Distribution for help! We offer dependable pool repair services in Winnipeg. Our pool experts have the knowledge and experience to locate any damage and fix it right away.

Pool Installation Process

Get in touch with us for the installation of swimming pools and hot tubs. We start by surveying your property to get an idea of the dimensions of your yard. This will also help us decide the size and shape of the pool. Then we discuss your expectations and requirements. Based on the information collected coupled with our knowledge and experience, we’ll deliver the right solutions for your project.


If you’re buying a property with a pool, we can visit and inspect its condition. From the liner, filter, and heater to the plumbing system, skimmer, and salt generator, we’ll inspect each system thoroughly and ensure that everything works perfectly! Call us today for more information.


The pump plays a crucial part in maintaining a swimming pool’s circulation system. It takes water from the pool, filters it, sanitizes it, and returns it back to the pool. If your pool pump isn’t functioning properly or water from your pool isn’t circulating, call us for help. No matter what pool you have, including custom and outdoor pools, we have the right pump or pump parts that are sure to fit your needs. You don’t need to buy a brand new pump all the time, we sell you parts based on the model you have. Contact John and he will guide you in the right direction for what you need.



Side Line Distribution carries 3 types of heaters for your pool:

Solar heaters

Gas heaters

Electrical heaters

To determine the heater that’s best suited for your specific needs, please give us a call.



We carry a line of pool filters from Unicel®, including sand and cartridge filters that can reduce cost and repairs in future. Call us for further information.



Eliminate harsh chemicals from your pool by installing a cost-efficient chlorinator from Side Lines Distribution. We carry low-maintenance chlorinators from the below brands:

delta tv


If you are looking for high-quality pool accessories in Winnipeg, visit Side Line Distribution today. We carry a range of pool accessories from industry-leading brands to make sure you receive the best ones available. We sell:

Pool liners

Pool heaters

Pool pumps

Pool filters

Pool cleaners


Winter covers

Pool lights

LED pool lights (from Pentair)

Our experienced team is always ready to assist you with choosing the right product. Visit us today.

Feher Guard

We will have the part for you; just call for more information. If we don’t have it, then nobody has it.

Have a Great Spa Experience

We install quality hot tubs and spas that are perfect for you and your family.

Visit Our Shop

Stop by today to check out our selection of telescopes, pools, spas and more.

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